Soumya Ranjan Patnaik KMBB College of Engineering and Technology has been set up in memory of my late parents to establish a center of excellence in technical education. While the students will be expected to put in hard work, academic integrity will be the cornerstone of all teaching-learning transactions.The institute believes that with the involvement of all stakeholders, students will not only excel academically, but also develop an integrated personality with excellent communication skills, that would ensure quality placement for all.
With the SAMBAD - Ama Odisha Trust providing strong support, it is my strong belief that the KMBB College of Engineering & Technology like 'Sambad' will be the No.1 Engineering College of the State. This year the Eighth batch of KMBB students are going to graduate with flying colours overcoming many challenges. The students have achieved significant success in their placement efforts in a very difficult year. We look forward to build on these successes and go forward with renewed vigour to achieve our goal. I welcome all new students and assure their parents of a bright future for their wards under the care of the KMBB team.