Principal’s Message

kmbb college

I welcome you to KMBB College of Engineering and Technology. KMBB may be only a 8 years old institution, but it has dared to take on a task that even well established institutions have not attempted. The focus of the institution is squarely on academics and student-faculty interaction in and outside the class rooms. To that end the college has some of the best laboratory facilities to provide the students with quality hand-on experience.

At the same time the recently installed Smart Class can make the classroom lectures a very different kind of multi-media enriched experience. What we are trying to do is to break the unhealthy trend of monotonous lectures and create a new pedagogy that would have projects and hands-on learning at its center. We expect that the students will enjoy the process of learning just as much as the teachers who will be an equal partner in this journey of discovery. We believe and are confident that if our strategy of a new pedagogy is successful, not only we will create exceptional professionals of high calibre, but also create excellent placement opportunities.

The planned fully residential campus spread on a 40 acre area will provide ample opportunity for the students and faculty to have a round-the-clock academic experience that is at the heart of the drive for excellence that would set KMBB College apart from its peers. Like the character of 'Rancho' in the very thought provoking film ' 3 Idiots' students at KMBB can be expected to be groomed to have a passionate approach to learning for the love of it rather than the fear of examinations! The vision of KMBB will be one where 'the only punishment a student will ever be subjected to is to simply disallow him from the enticement of the daily campus activities.