Sambad ( has been a leading media house in the state of Odisha since 1984. It was founded by Sri Soumya Ranjan Patnaik,who was educated in leading institutions such as Revenshaw College,Benaras Hindu University, Utkal University, London School of Economics and Oxford University. Mr patnaik has a brilliant education career. He was a gold medalist of BHU, being first class first in political science. He was also one of the youngest teachers at BHU.Thus he had an interest in education for a long time.If he had to choose a career again he would prefer to go back to his first love “Teaching”.

In 2006, Sambad School of Journalism was set up under Utkal University of culture and started a 2 year post-graduate course in journalism.In 2009, KMBB School of Engineering and Technology was set up.In recent years Sambad group has expanded to include the KMBB Junior Science College (now known as Higher Secondary School) offering +2 Science courses and KMBB Science college that offers Bachelor degrees in Science. With over 1000 students,70 faculty and 100 staff,Sambad Group of Educational Institutions (SGEI) has three campuses,SGEI has come a long way.It is also poised for its next phase of growth to be a premier educational conglomerate in Eastern India.

Sambad group of educational institutions have been set up to change the face of education in Odisha.If you are looking for a learning experience that is different from the traditional rote methods adopted by coaching center like institutions all over the state and even the country,then you should look at our methods carefully.The KMBB group is dedicated to the memory of the parents of our founder Sri Soumya Ranjan Patnaik  namely,Smt Kanaka Manjari and Sri Brajabandhu Patnaik.This not only ensures the dedication of the management to the cause of education but also to ensure an outcome that you can be proud of.This noble purpose manifests itself in the many strengths of the institution which is not very old in terms of time but already a leader in terms of its teaching-learning process. 

Choice of highly qualified and experienced faculty is a non-negotiable article of faith for us which provides the foundation for everything we do.The academics of the group is led by Dr Dhanada Kanta Mishra who is currently in sabbatical at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) pursuing research in the field of Engineered Cement Composites.Faculty led governance means students get the best possible care and can have their problems addressed without delay or having to deal with unsympathetic administrative staff.While higher secondary education is crucial for the student’s career aspirations and comes with a lot of academic pressure,our college has the best possible ambience to ease the pressure through creative co-curricular and extra-curricular engagements for the young pupils.Best of infrastructural facilities, residential setting with teachers available on hand to clear doubts and provide guidance, plenty of physical activities – all go towards ensuring a balanced and wholesome college life. 

The vision of the SGEI is to make children learn through a residential,playful and stress-free environment.Through our “ONLY RESIDENTIAL “tag we are able to save significant time,which is unnecessarily lost in transit.So our faculty/ mentors get more time to nourish their ambitions.We create genuine interest among students in what each of them wish to pursue beyond – be it engineering, medicine or higher studies in science, arts, management or even vocational career. We strive our best to create a home away from home for our future flag bearers so that they get the best opportunity to be the best they can be.

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